Vanessa M.
I had to have emergency surgery on the 24th of May. Dr. Prebil is awesome my incision is healing nicely and is really straight. I think my scar will hardly be noticeable. This surgery was very serious, I could have died. Thankful to God and the amazing medical treatment I had. Mother of 5, 40 years old I still have a lot of life to live.

Daniel B.

Barbara S.
Dr Prebil is always polite and professional. Hopefully the scans show what’s going on. .

James D.

Brandon M.
Dr listened to me and explained my issue and need for surgery

Richard S.
Perfect — not a hitch. Dr. Prebil is the best.

Phillip D.

James M.
Very satisfied with entire procedure process from start to finish. Dr Prebil and staff are excellent.

Veronica L.
Dr. Prebil was professional and provided valuable information so I could make an informed decision on surgery.

Kevin K.
quick checkup, minimal wait, no surprises!

Jeff D.
Dr. ALT is quite simply a real person. No arrogance, attitude or judgment. She asks for your opinion in creating the care plan that is right for you.

James M.
Excellent Doctor and staff experience during my appointment today.

Christopher L.
Great prep before. Came out of the procedure not nauseated, thank god

Karen P.
Love the Dr and staff

James B.
Great doctor

Mark B.
It went well, short, crisp and to the point.

Bridget S.
Dr. Prebil, very down to earth unlike most doctors.

Patricia H.
Everyone is so nice

Laura O.
I didn’t have any issues. Was able to meet Dr Alt. She assessed my concerns and listened very kindly and patiently as I paused to think of questions several times. Appreciated the interaction.

Yolanda S.
My experience was great, the staff was very friendly, the pain was not unbearable, recovery was great also went shopping the next day

Kathleen B.
Awesome Very patient and caring.

Chad S.
Professional and gentle

Dorothy L.
Dr. Prebil did a great job taking care of my nasty gallbladder. Thank you! My only negative thought is concerning the follow up appointment I had. I drove an hour to the office only to have my doctor ask a couple of questions and say I was good to go. No hands at all not even to check my incisions. This follow up appointment could have well been done virtually! Thank you.

Michael J.
Thank you very much for being prompt and courteous

Mary F.
Great experience, didn’t have to wait for my appointment. Doctor very nice, explained things well.

Charles R.

Yolanda S.
The doctor was very tentative, he listened to all my concerns, he did not rush me. I really enjoyed my visit

Jeff P.
After 2 surgeries to remove a last piece of ventral abd mesh and fix 2 inguinal hernia’s I’m waiting for final result because my abd muscles are still stretched out, very uncomfortable and causing a lot of gastrointestinal problems and major constipation. The mesh, now removed thanks to Dr Prebil caused a lot of problems, now stretched out muscles from a total 4 surgeries and years of inflammation from the mesh that needs to be repaired. Im waiting to do a CT Scan for Dr Prebil to determine if reconstruction surgery he specializes in can finally fix me. He has been very professional, explains everything well and I’m very grateful he was able to remove the rest of the mesh since the other 2 surgeons were unable to. Hopefully this CT Scan will reveal my stretched out abd can be fixed and I can have a normal life after all these surgeries. If it can’t be fixed I’ll be disabled the rest of my life all because I had a plastic mesh installed in my abdomen 9 years ago to fix a 1/2″ abd hernia. 4 surgeries later to fix all these issues the mesh caused I’m looking at the possibility of permanent damage to my abdomen unless Dr Prebil can fix it. He’s a great surgeon so I believe him when he says if he can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed.

Thomas B.
Wonderful experience. No excessive waiting. Everyone very pleasant and helpful. Able to ask unlimited questions.

Karen D.
My surgery went beautifully, and when I saw Dr. Prebil for my follow up he said I had a large hernia on my right side, as well as a smaller one on the same side and then a smaller hernia on my left. He repaired all three and I never had to take a pain pill. Dr. Prebil, and his staff are courteous, efficient and very professional and robotic surgery makes recovery fast and easy. I would recommend Dr. Prebil, without hesitation.

Barbara H.
Happy with my doc but felt a little hurried this morning

Sharon M.
There is no one better than Dr. Prebil. He has taken such great care of me for two years and continues his excellent bed side manner

Kathy B.

Christie F.
The staff and Dr. Prebil were very nice and seem genuinely concerned for my comfort and health issues..

Jeffrey D.
It was fine.

Ronald H.
Doctor explained what he’s going to do

James D.
From beginning to end my experience was fantastic. I had a previous hernia surgery over twenty years ago and compared to the advanced procedure Dr Prebil offers it’s just astonishing and I’m completely amazed by my recovery. My bruising is so minimal as well as any pain I may have experienced. My prescription for pain was plenty for recovery along with the numbing shot at the incision sites that lasted for several days after only taking two regular Tylenol and ibuprofen every six hours separately with zero narcotics.

Sarahi L.
Dr Rachel was so amazingly caring. Her staff was just as friendly as her, from time of making my appt to arrival everyone was great. Well done

Deborah D.
Great staff, no wait time.

Sharon M.
I always have a wonderful experience. All my concerns are talked about. It’s great

Michael R.
Dr. Prebil provided an excellent description of treatment for my inguinal hernia.

Kenneth J.
Your treated like family. Thank you

Jeff D.
Very short wait and she was thorough. I like the fact that she took the time to review my C/T scans herself instead of just taking the Radiologist report for granted.

Laurie R.
Office staff is friendly & helpful. Dr. Prebil was helpful & explained the procedure thoroughly.

Kimberly D.
I felt like the doc really listened to me.. & heard me. He was great

Michael B.
Well informed my concerns addressed and great after surgery pain management

Michael S.

Charlene C.
so glad the surgery is over. .dr Prebil was wonderful

Jennifer L.
Dr Prebil is a great Dr very professional and definitely recommend

Denise P.
Dr.Prebil and his staff were friendly and efficient. Dr. Prebil listened closely Actual surgery was quick.

Perry S.
It isn’t fun for anyone to see a doctor about a surgery. Dr. Prebil is an experienced, accomplished surgeon. I really like that he is a triathlete and passionate about his own health. I am very active in the gym and also a runner, so I appreciate his dedication to his workouts. I think it is important to have a healthy doctor that in turn wants to help his patient’s life a healthy life. I will be scheduling a hernia surgery with him, and I feel very comfortable that I will be in good hands.

Victor S.
Very good

Sharon M.
He is very thorough with me

Linda D.
Dr Prebil was great

Adrianne M.
It is always great to hear encouraging words from Dr.Ptebil, just when I think I am tired of it all, he helps me to not give up. I am glad he is helping me through this journey to one day of getting better!

Frank S.
Very nice and informative people.

Irene H.
Professional, yet friendly, understanding and non judgemental

Judy P.
Professional and caring. Not a long wait time

Marianne E.
Dr Prebil and staff are always wonderful.

Melissa B.
Office personnel was friendly, and was seen quickly. Really like my surgeon.

Adam L.
She is very professional, friendly, and easy to talk to. She has put me at ease and given me confidence about my upcoming surgery.

Britney C.
Dr prebil was very informative and I feel confident having my surgery done with him

Carlos M.
Dr. Prebil is a live saving doctor, he is the best surgent, his the only surgent I can put my live in his hands!!!!

Qusay A.
Dr. Rachel was nice and professional!

Charlene C.
he was very kind as were the girls out front. he explained what is going on and what is going to happen

Stacie R.
Everyone there was super nice, professional, and efficient!

Denise P.
Dr. Prebil was knowledgeable and no nonsense. I have complete confidence he will be thorough and leave no stone unturned to find answers for my health issues. Staff was lovely.

David M.
Surgery went very well. They could have communicated better befor surgery.

Adrianne M.
Dr Prebil is cool, calm and collected. Explains in detail.

Christina T.
Good plan to take of the issue that I need!

Allison T.
Outstanding service

Sharon M.
Dr. Prebil is very thorough with all of his visits with me.

Kevin S.
I like the Doctor alot. Thank you Dr Prebil…

Ginger W.
The doctor ( Prebil) explained everything thing to me pre-surgery. Pain was minimal, was able to resume normal activity quickly.

Arleen H.
Dr Prebil has performed 2 surgeries on me. He’s an excellent surgeon. He answers all of your questions, is knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease.

Sandra D.
On time. Very friendly dr. Easy to talk with. Answered all of my questions.

Karen H.
Professional and ready staff. Easy parking and hyper clean office No wait time, dr on top of his schedule Attentive to needs, in depth explanation , prep instructions. Very, very impressed

Robert D.
Felt comfortable with every step of the process getting my hernia taken care of. Flawless office experience as well as hospital experience.

Kimberly C.
Very professional, great staff, Dr Prebil very helpful in answering my questions and did fantastic in removing my gallbladder. Healed quickly and without any complications.

Monica C.
Quick appointment but explained everything well and answered all my questions.

Frank C.
Arrived, fill out patient papers, appointment on time, Dr. Prebil took time to hear about my issues and history of previous operation. Took time explaining procedure, answered questions. Thank you

Mary J.

Lindsey S.
Dr. Prebil was fantastic. One thing I really appreciated about my visit is that he sat and listened. He didn’t try to multitask and document as I informed him of my condition. Instead he looked me in the eye the whole time. It made me feel “heard”

Wendell N.

Patricia W.
Dr. Prebil listens to you. He spends time talking to you and explains everything. He is a fabulous surgeon. Had the robotic surgery, and a great recovery. Thanks Dr. Prebil

Laura H.

Patrick J.
Everyone was nice an respectful

Elizabeth H.
Doctor is friendly and professional. Explained everything in an easy to understand manner.

Charles B.
Routine 5 minute follow-up

Robert F.
He was vary direct with what was needed to be done

Trudy P.
Dr. Alt is very easy to talk to before and after surgery. She explained the surgery plan beforehand and then explained the expected recovery afterwards. This set my mind at ease. The surgery went well and i am recovering as expected. Thank you Dr Alt.

Robert G.
Very professional

Diane L.
Dr. Alt was very down to earth, friendly, and professional. Also, very important to me, has a sense of humor! Would highly recommend Dr. Alt!!!

Kevin B.
World Class

Cindy F.
He was so loving and caring!! He’s a awesome person!

Deborah E.
Very professional and very friendly and very clean office.

Nancy C.
Listens to patient. Really cares. Has compassion Not just Dr Prebil but everyone. 1 million stars

Ronald C.
Very talented, very thorough.

Angela S.
Excellent professional service.

Helen W.
I was very pleased with the conversation that i had with Dr. Alt

Donna R.
I felt heard by Dr. Prebil

Patricia W.
Dr. Prebil listens to everything you say. He was very caring, and extremely competent. I trust him completely.

Gary N.
Fast and friendly

Sharon M.
Takes time to listen to my concerns

Steven H.
This surgeon is friendly, quick and put my husband at ease. Answered all the questions that we had, the office staff are very helpful and nice to work with.

Randall H.
Dr Prebil kindly accommodated me as a new patient on extremely short notice and provided clear direction and immediate action to advance diagnosis and treatment plan. Thank you !

Jennifer O.
The doctor was good!

Brian S.
Good listening skills.

Tommy C.
Everything was on-time and Dr explained in detail the plan forward for my treatment

Arcadio A.
Awesome work from Dr staff

Deborah D.
Dr. Prebil and his staff were very friendly and made me feel comfortable. He wants his patients to feel comfortable and know they are in good hands. They got me scheduled really fast for my port placement surgery so I can start my chemo on my road to recovery!

Ana G.
Surgery went great. Dr. Alt is very friendly answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable.

Kiley T.

John O.
The surgery was a success. A couple of days after the surgery, when I left a message for the Doctor, he returned my call in a timely manner. I will recommend him to anybody who might need his help.

Cherrie K.
It was a very professional and a very personal experience today for me

Joseph B.
Excellent care

Frances L.
Dr Prebil was very caring and informative. He took extra time to explain the problem and the remedies and didnt dismiss my health issue because of my age. Staff was also exceedingly helpful.

David P.
Dr. Prebil has a straight laced, to the point personality. Seems to inspire confidence in this patient. Front staff and nurse assistants are top notch as well. In and out with no drama. Easy to schedule, easy to work with. Would recommend with out hesitation.

Michael P.
Dr Prebil was professional and easy to discuss my medical needs with. Surgery was a success!

Vicki H.
He is very direct and gives all the information needed. I feel he is an excellent Dr.

Brian V.
Very good, as always.

Bradley H.
Well Done. Go Dodgers

Philip C.
Staff is very friendly. Dr. Alt is very nice and made me feel very comfortable.

Terry S.
Very good. Everything was explained in advance and the procedure went as described.

Samantha K.
Listened and explained everything.

Brayden C.
Dr. Prebil was thorough in explaining our surgical options at the consultation and instilled confidence.

Eduardo G.

Doris D.
Enjoyed coming to the office. The staff is always courteous and friendly. Dr Prebil always have time to answer whatever questions you may have.

Holly M.
Dr. Alt has always taken the time to explain all procedures and has answered all of my questions throughly. The office staff are professional; friendly and helpful.

Brian B.
Very knowledgeable and friendly.I am very secure in the fact that a great job will be done

Alyssa C.
Dr. Prebil knows what he’s doing. Explains what is going on and what to expect. I wish I would have seen him for my 1st hernia and diastasis!!

James P.
Dr.Alt is amazing ! My husband had a double hernia surgery. She provided the best care for him and took her time to explain everything to me. Her office ladies are also amazing.

Paul B.
Everything went well!

Joann D.
Liked that she was through with my exam. She ordered the supplies I needed and gave me a year of reordering which is what I wanted.

Mary W.
The staff were friendly and made me feel comfortable. The wait time was so minimal that you could hardly call it waiting. The facility was very clean. I would recommend this practice to anyone needing surgery.

Briana B.
Dr.Alt was great

Monique P.
Dr. Prebil is a great surgeon had a wonderful experience. Did an amazing job.

Chester W.
Very courteous staff and informative!

Nancy C.
Dr Prebil and staff have always been caring. He has done multiple surgeries on me. He is honest,caring and explains things. Thank you.

Barbara N.
Great experience in the operating room

Ronald W.
Very good

Doris D.
He was great and he explained everything. Answered all my questions. Would highly recommend him.

Noel R.
Good customer service. Dr. was great and explain procedure well and quick.

Jackie S.
Dr Prebil and his team treat you with dignity and respect, you leave knowing and are receiving the best care in the valley!

Arcadio A.
All personal very professional and helpful

Jeffrey M.

Monique P.
Great consultation and doctor. Answered questions I had and went through what the procedure would entail. Highly recommend.

Javier R.
Very professional and answered all my questions .

C Darleen S.
Friendly and informative. Seems concerned for my well-being in all areas.

Garrison S.
Dr Rachel Alt has an incredible presence with patients. she is caring, listens well, and gives great answers. I felt so comfortable i was in the right place for her as my surgeon, and the procedure went exactly as she had explained, my recovery, while arduous, was also as expected, and the follow up visits were a pleasure to see her again and share any concerns. I am very happy to have found Dr Alt and have had her as my surgeon. ps the office staff were also very helpful and pleasant in all my dealings.

Henry O.
I was very satisfied with the operation that Dr Prebil performed n the way that I was taken care of

Harry M.
Professional and explained everything well

Mary Pauline B.

Mary V.
Dr. Prebil listen to me and my symptoms and not just the scans…immediately after surgery my pain was gone. Thank you for not just sending me home

James H.
outstanding excellent

Elizabeth S.
While the waiting room felt incredibly crowded considering we are still in a pandemic, the staff was wonderful, the resident who I spoke with was incredibly helpful and detailed, and I left feeling confident and in capable hands for my upcoming procedure.

Francis B.
This was my first surgery and I had a lot of questions. Dr Prebil and his team were great, they answered all my questions , and let me tell you that if your getting hernia surgery the da Vinci robotic surgery system is minimally invasive. Two small incisions that’s it.I was able to walk around in two days . I had no complications and would recommend this procedure to any one .

George W.
Dr. Prebil did an excellent job when he did my gallbladder surgery. At my followup appointment, he clearly and professionally explained the results. I have full confidence in his knowledge and professionalism.

Terry B.
I just want to express my thanks to Dr Prebil for his professionalism, expertise, and wonderful bedside manner. Your office staff is awesome too! Robotic gall bladder surgery was certainly the least invasive, and I recovered without any pain at all! Than you Dr Prebil for your care, concern, and knowledge. You truly made my surgery, “A piece of cake.”

Karen S.
Ive seen him before when i was 64 and gave me a colonoscopy. He now recommended i have another one and explained why.. he said we to eliminate one possible issue and if that colonoscopy turns out fine he told me what i should do. The only disappointment i had was hes not doing colonoscopies anymore.. i trust him and hope the woman doing them will be as good as he was…

Carlos M.
My name is Carlos Magana an I been whith Dr. Brian Prebil for almost 9 years and his been my angel and life saver I wouldn’t trust any body Al’s with my life!!!!

Jason N.
Professional, easy to talk to and thoroughly answered all my questions..thank you

Paul H.
Outstanding doctor. If you are having hernia problems don’t wait. Call him.

Vianey G.
Really liked my follow up appointment with Dr. Prebil. He made me feel comfortable and at ease…from me being nervous about my appointment.

Daniel B.
Best experience ever.

John V.
Great surgery. My hernias are fixed and no more pain. Very little recoup time. I’m better than new.

Scott H.
Quick, easy, no pressure. Dr. Prebil is very straightforward and easy to talk to/ask questions. My visit was great.

Valerie G.
Dr.Alt is the best. My surgery went smooth and I’m healing great! Thank you Dr. Alt and team!

Augusto V.
Excellent. easy n secure procedure done by Dr Prebil after my surgery of Gull Bladder removed I recouped very fast n went to do my regular routine successfully. Dr Prebil”s staff the best

Ronnie B.
Everything was great, don’t change a thing. Keep on keeping on!

Francisco R.
my experience was grateful of him to be my Doctor Brian Prebil he a great Doctor

Jennifer P.
I am thankful for Dr. Prebil and his team. I would highly recommend for any general surgical needs.

Joe R.
I highly recommen Dr. Alt And her team , highly professional and they took very good care of me…

Dennis W.
Communicative and professional. Dr. Thomas is great! Work with your schedule and very accommodating.

Marilyn W.
Dr Brian Prebil is fantastic. Very professional office staff. Very positive vibes in this office. Dr perbil did an amazing job on my procedure. The results were amazing. I would definitely refer him to anyone looking for a surgeon.

I trust these doctors at CMIRS with my life. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Dr. Thomas has saved my life not once, but twice now. Not only are they AMAZING doctors, but they have THE best bedside manner, which you really can’t find these days. And the office staff… the girls are so wonderful. There aren’t enough words to describe how great my experience has been with this office. In June 2017 I had a hysterectomy done by a physician with a different group. I had severe complications. Dr. Thomas was my general surgeon assigned to me and he had to go in and fix up the problems that had occurred. Now a year later, just a week ago I had to have another major surgery, and I went straight back to CMIRS. There’s no where else I’d rather go. Since my surgery last week, the office staff has texted me daily to check up on me. They’ve been genuinely concerned. The positive experience and attitudes I receive from Dr. Thomas and the entire office staff has made a HUGE difference for me through all that I have been through. They’ve been so supportive and caring. At the end of the day, they feel like family to me. As they treat me as such. I wish I could, in detail, explain my entire experience over this past year… but it is just too much. But CMIRS has been there for me all the way! I HIGHLY recommend this office. My entire family admires them and all will only go through them if they need a surgeon. Also- my experience may have only been with Dr. Thomas, but I work in the medical field and I know because of this that the other two surgeons, Dr. Prebil and Dr. Ballacer, have amazing reputations. I just wanted to add that! I apologize for such a long review. But I just can’t say enough how great they are here. And when I say Dr. Thomas saved my life TWICE, he truly did. Thank you to the entire staff at CMIRS! I could NOT have gotten through this past year without your support!

Melissa B.
Great surgeon(s) & superb office staff. I recently had Dr. Prebil perform surgery on my arm & he did an excellent job. My pre-op visit was quick & to the point & i was scheduled for surgery exactly 1 so from my visit & I’ll admit I was very anxious the days leading up to the surgery & kept calling in my concerns because I was miserable. I’m sure I got on the ladies in the office’s nerves & had to be very annoyed w me but they never showed it nor let on that I was acting crazy. They were very caring understanding & very pleasant w me & that made a world of difference. I’m still only a few days post-op but I know that I am in very excellent hands. Thanks to u all! I would definitely recommend this office & these surgeon’s to anyone.

Nicole K.
I went here for a hernia repair. I could not be any happier with my experience! Healing was not a terrible experience for me, I had laparoscopic surgery. I had a small concern with a bump near my incision and they got me in the same week to look at it. The front office staff were always friendly as well as the ladies who brought me back to the room. I’ll continue to go here in the future for anything I might need surgery for again. My grandmother referred me here, and I ended up referring 2 of my friends. Again, I’m pretty happy right now. I’ll update if anything changes.

Katy B.
Absolutely love Dr Prebil and his staff. We have had three family members treated by him.

I had to have emergency surgery about a year ago. They did amazing work with little to no scaring and their bed side manor was outstanding. If I ever need any other surgeries in the future, they will be my first call. A++++

— CMIRS Patient

Dr. Prebil saved my life. He is caring, concerned and reliable. He followed me through many problems, and I will always depend on him to give me a conservative straight answer.

— CMIRS Patient

Excellent results. I intend to use them again for another surgery.

— CMIRS Patient

I am so fortunate to have been referred to you and have felt in the best of hands. You do your job so well and it means so much for patients to have confidence in their caregivers.

— Steve

Thanks…for your professionalism, kindness, and expertise. Life is precious and needs more keepers over it like you!

— Kellie

The doctor is a very caring person who really knows how to make a patient relax. I appreciate the fact that they were never in a hurry and spent so much time answering our questions.

— Jim

They were warm, thorough, professional and had our complete confidence!

— Gina

Our family can’t even begin to express how extremely grateful we are for your professionalism. Every day was scary but after your daily visits there was a sense of relief.

— Dariell

You treated our mom like family and that truly means a lot. You’re an amazing person and you were always happy! You’re definitely a star that shines bright.

— Dawn

Your professionalism is only exceeded by your excellent bedside manner. Thank you for saving my wife. We would be lost without her.

— Randy