At the mention of robotic surgery, many people wonder if it’s safe. Is a doctor in the room? What happens if something goes wrong? These are just a few questions that might pop into your mind.

The truth is that robotic surgery isn’t just safe, it offers a host of benefits that traditional surgical methods can’t match. Robotic surgery combines a surgeon’s expertise with the unparallelled precision of robotic instruments.

At the Center for Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery in Peoria, Arizona, Brian Prebil, DO, and Eric Thomas, MD, FACS, are experts trained in robotic surgery using the da Vinci® surgical system. Our team has performed most General Surgery robotic procedures on the entire west coast. Dr. Prebil has performed over 2500 himself. We are also robotic instructors and have taught most of the surgeons in the Phoenix area.

It’s easy to see why robotic surgery is gaining popularity in the medical world for such conditions as hernias, appendicitis, and colon disease. When compared to traditional surgery, robotics offer:

1. Smaller incisions

Robotic surgery requires tiny incisions for the instruments to operate inside your body. While traditional surgery might necessitate an incision several inches long, robotic surgery may only need an incision the size of a button.

Smaller incisions mean there’s less blood loss both during and after surgery. You’ll have a lower risk of infection as you heal, and a smaller cut means a much smaller scar.

2. More precise results

The instruments our doctors use in robotic surgery are smaller and more dexterous than traditional surgical tools. The 3D images that the da Vinci system produces gives the surgeons a wider visual field. With these advantages, we can perform precise operations in small, hard-to-reach spaces in the body.

Robotic surgery makes it easier to navigate around healthy organs and tissue. Avoiding healthy tissue as much as possible reduces the negative impact that surgery can have on your body and contributes to decreased pain and quicker recovery.

3. Less pain

The precision and flexibility our surgeons have with robotic minimally invasive surgery translate to more successful surgical outcomes in many cases. Patients who have robotic surgery experience less pain following surgery because the operation is minimally invasive.

Your surgeon is in the operating room during your procedure. He guides the surgical tools with a computer that captures precise movements. Even complex surgeries can have better outcomes and less pain with the power of robotic technology.

4. Faster recovery times

Small incisions from a robotic procedure mean less noticeable scars and less pain, but the benefits don’t stop there. Patients who undergo minimally invasive robotic surgery generally leave the hospital earlier than those who have traditional surgery.

Recovery from robotic surgery is often fast, with some patients recovering in just a few days. You can return to your normal daily activities sooner and begin reaping the benefits of surgery without a long, painful recuperation period.

Everyone’s health care needs are different, but robotic surgery offers an abundance of benefits for many patients who need surgery to improve their health and fight disease. Always be sure to attend your follow-up appointments after any surgical procedure so your doctor can monitor your progress and your health.

Curious if robotic surgery is right for you? Call us at 623-227-2581 or send us a message to learn more about your options.

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